Dr. Helmut Groschwitz

Helmut Groschwitz studied german philology (Germanistik) and folkloristics (Volkskunde) at the University of Regensburg (Germany). 2002-2010 assistant professor, PhD 2005 on Moon-Calendars. 2010-2013 chair-representative at the University of Bonn. He ist co-founder of the workinggroup „Religiosität und Spiritualität“ in the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde“. 2014/15 curator in Berlin at the „Humboldt Lab Dahlem“-project „EuropeTest“, dealing with the possibilities of connecting european and extra-european ethnographic collections. Habilitation-project on Jacob Grimms „Deutsche Mythologie“ (still running). He now is scientist at the project „eKulturPortal“ which developes an electronic platform for sharing knowledge within the german community of theatres and actors.

Helmut Groschwitz
Dr. Helmut Groschwitz, Berlin