In Harmony with the World and Nature. Living and Healing with Moon-Calendars.

The paper focuses with an theoretic and discourse-analytic view on the conception of world in the wide-spread area of Moon-Calendars. These types of calendars, managing everyday actions and especially aspects of health, emerge in Europe since the middle-ages (iatromathematics), but got their modern characteristics since the early 20th century by anthroposophic concepts and a boom of seemingly „authentic“ compilations in the last decade of the 20th century, meanwhile coming to „mainstream knowledge“. The calendars stress on an „ancient knowledge“ which should have been necessary for our ancestors to survive, and they also are addressed as a necessity to survive nowadays issues, including a good life and health beyond „modern medicine“. The paper wants to show the conceptions of world within these Moon-Calendars and their proposals for a better care for health and for curing diseases. Also the paper will take a view on the interweavings with comparable concepts from indigenous communities. The paper is based on my PhD-thesis, but going over this, it will take a closer look to recent performances and wants to reveal the interchange with indigenous healing practices, to gain an anthropologic view.