Rasa Pranskevičiūtė

Dr. Rasa Pranskevičiūtė is anthropologist, based at Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Lithuania). Her research interests are contemporary alternative religiosity, Soviet and post-Soviet cultural heritage, youth, religious and other subcultures, alternative social projects, etc. Pranskevičiūtė has experience of twelve years (2004-2016) in applying qualitative social research methods in a fieldwork in Baltic countries, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Armenia, and India. She has published on the material collected during her fieldwork on the topics of Soviet and post-Soviet religiosity, alternative religious movements and subcultures (Vissarionites and Anastasians in the Baltic countries and Russia, Lithuanian communities of Hare Krishna and pagan Romuva, diverse subcultures in Lithuania) in international and Lithuanian publications. Since 2014, dr. Rasa Pranskevičiūtė is a Series editor of publishing book series in the field of New Religious Movements (De Gruyter Open).

Rasa Pranskeviciute
Dr. Rasa Pranskevičiūtė, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Department of Health Psychology, Vytautas Magnus University, Department of Cultural Studies and Ethnology